3D Scanning from your Smart Phone for free!

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Today we’ll be checking out a free 3D scanning app for your Smart Phone called Display.land! You can scan objects with your phone and output them straight from your phone to your 3D software of choice – including Cinema 4D.

👉You can download the free app for android or OS here: https://displayland.app.link/a27HTIjNs3

UPDATE: you could also try this method for re-texturing your 3D scans: t.ly/w8Xge

– Dave Bergin

Shortcuts to Better Digital Art from a Freelance Digital Artist.

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  1. The Results are pretty crappy compared to other photogrammetry software. I would suggest just recording a video and converting it to a image sequence and plugging that into Meshroom (Freeware). The Results are way better and it’s not that complicated. Also you don’t have to upload your Data to a Cloud somewhere… a little more privacy 🙂

  2. Too slow , and freeze all the time and restart from beginning….. 🙁

  3. you can use bake the texture to low polygon
    but first you need to re uvmap the low topology polygon
    then use blender to bake the texture to uv map texture
    i suggest the topology create by your hand with simple object, grater than auto quad mesh(for difficult object)

  4. I have a Mi Max 3, and apparently it’s not enough for this software. What the hell?

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