BEST BUDGET 4K Monitor for CG and Mograph? BenQ PD2700U Design Monitor – Review

Today we'll be reviewing the BenQ PD2700U 4K Design Monitor

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Today we’ll be trying something a little bit different for the channel – our first ever tech review!

Many people have asked about my gear so here’s a behind the scenes look.

We’ll start by looking at the Monitor I’ve been using for a month now – the BenQ PD2700U 4K Design Monitor which for me is the perfect screen for all my CG and Mograph work.

👉 Here’s a link to the monitor➜ US: UK:

We’re always trying new things here so let me know if you find this kind of thing helpful.

👉 Here’s a link to my full kit ➜

And my PC specs if you’re wondering:
Intel® Core™ i7 Six Core Processor i7-7800X (3.5GHz) 8.25MB Cache, 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 16GB), and 2x 8GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080.

Back to a normal tutorial next week;)

– Dave Bergin

Shortcuts to Better Digital Art from a Freelance Digital Artist.

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  1. I was about to buy Samsung for my rig, but now I’m thinking about switching to Benq instead. Hmm..

    1. I’ve got a Samsung phone but I cant say I’ve had a Samsung monitor. I’m sure they do good ones though, but I must say Im prety happy with my BenQ (as happy as someone can be about a monitor anyway;)

    1. Hi mate, I believe so, I’m able to plug my hard drives into the monitor and charge my phone;)

    1. The colours are great, but I do my painting on my wacom cintiq;) the colours on here are more reliable though

    2. @CG Shortcuts I heard of the faulty panels on the BenQ, both on 27 and 32 inch models so just went for the LG 27uk850w instead and im amazed. Still, thanks

    1. It’s served me very well so far, only con for me is that I’d prefer the usb ports to be on the side as they are a little hard to plug things into on the bottom, pretty minor though;)

  2. Its good to see a fellow mgfx artist on 4K monitor. Im thinking of upgrading to an LG 4k ultrawide myself.

    1. Cheers ShadoStorm, I’m still rocking this monitor, going great so far!

  3. Dave thanks for your great tutorials. I would like to know how much your computer cost you including the monitor? I ask you because I want to buy a computer like yours.

    1. I have an Intel® Core™ i7 Six Core Processor i7-7800X (3.5GHz) 8.25MB Cache, 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 16GB), and 2x 8GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080. It cost about 1.5K. I’m looking into Laptops now too so hopefully I’ll do a review soon;)

  4. Hi! I’ve got a Wide-screen 34 inches, 2560×1080 resolution, do you think pass front that to this BenQ is worth it? I use it for compositing in Nuke and also Cinema 4D.

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