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Here’s some resources to help you learn Blender!

Get help.

Blender Forum

Your Blender questions answered.

Blender Facebook Group

The official Blender Facebook Group.

CG Shortcuts Facebook Group

Ask questions, get feedback and chat with thousands of other artists – why not, it’s free to join!

MDC Facebook Group

Lively Facebook group by the Motion Designers Community.

Great resources for learning Blender.

Blender Guru

This is arguably one of the most well-known websites for Blender training and resources.

Creative Shrimp

High quality CG tutorials and Blender tutorials, digital art and lighting tutorials with Gleb and Aidy.

CG Cookie

This website, set up in 2010, gives you training around 3D Animations, Game Art, and Visual Effects with Blender.

Blender Nation

This is an excellent website. Blender Nation have collected and continues to collect all of the best 3D models from across the Blender community.


Some great courses on skillshare if you’re looking for a very affordable way to learn.

CG Jobs.

CG Studio Listing

We’ve compiled a huge sortable list of the worlds best studios and CG employers, check it out here.


Probably the biggest job listing board for creatives online.

3D model recommendations.


You cant get more realistic than scanned 3D models- megascans has the best collection we’ve found!

CG Trader

The new kid on the block when it comes to 3D Model libraries – they do sales all the time so you can get some good bargains.


This marketplace has been around forever, massive range of 3D Models ranging in price and quality.

3D Sky

Underrated collection of free and paid models.

HDRI maps recommendations.


The best source for free HDRI maps.

Texture / Material recommendations.


The best collection of free texture maps online.


Our go-to source for high quality scanned materials.

The French Monkey

Some really creative high quality texture maps.


This marketplace has been around forever, massive range of 3D Models ranging in price and quality.

3D Sky

Underrated collection of free and paid models.

Blender plugin & tool recommendations.


Our favorite 3rd party renderer – we use it pretty much every day on every job.


The best plugin we’ve found for fast fluid sims.


The number #1 concept cutter. Only for Blender!


TexTools is a very powerful UV solution adding over 40 functions to the existing UV toolset.

Daz 3D

Free or cheap way to quickly design 3D Characters for Blender.

HDR Light Studio

Create your own HDRI maps and lighting setups – render way faster with HDRI maps! This software makes it super easy.

Marvelous Designer

Design and simulate cloth and clothing for your characters and scenes.



Easily find some of the most inspirational Blender art every day.

Art Station

Huge collection of work – especially concept art and 3D.

Have we missed anything? Send us a message and we can add your suggestion to the list.

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