C4D Abstract Spheres Pt 2 – Octane Lighting & Texturing – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Course)

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Today we’ll be going over the lighting and texturing of our last tutorial C4D Abstract Spheres.

We had a lot of comments asking for this so here’s how to set it up in Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer!

If you’d like a more detailed look into 3D animation, there’s a link below to our new FREE class on Skillshare! It’s almost 2 hours long and covers everything in depth, hope you find it useful!

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  1. Yep just have multiple spheres under the clone and texture each one differently;)

    1. The materials arent included but you can get this exact setup with the octane shaders on our Patreon page if you need them;)

    1. Hi Romy, just make all the objects you want children of the cloner and you can have as many as you want;)

  2. good tuto man, very nice. suarve dude, very cool. hello from UFD in the new year!

  3. When I hit up the octane renderer render button, mine is not as yours. I’ve got matte beige monochrome bg with the same at the spheres.

    1. @CG Shortcuts the last. Later I found that the some of the octane versions doesnt compatible with some other versions of c4d. 🙂

  4. could you help me with the texture it say its only available for windows not for mac

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