C4D Abstract Swirling Softbody – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

Today we'll be creating this abstract swirling softbody effect in Cinema 4D. We'll use Softbody dynamics in C4D.

Software: Cinema 4D
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Today we’ll be creating this abstract swirling softbody effect in Cinema 4D. We’ll use Softbody dynamics in C4D.

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  1. Not sure why but all my spheres immediately squish together into the top left of the container and then dont really leave that space, instead of rolling around!

  2. I couldn’t find “Rotation” when I go to Simulate > Particles. Only “Emitter” is available in that menu. I’m currently using Cinema4D R21 (Educational License). Does anyone else have the same problem?
    (edit: I figured you could use Shift+C to find any command. New to C4D here haha. Hope it’ll help if someone else gets into the same issue)

  3. Hi there! My rotation is still not applying, even though i have forced it in the soft body settings.. Is there any other way of me doing this?

  4. Hi, i’m so confused about the parent and child layer. Let just say if i want to put volume builder for an object, then the object would be ‘child’ of volume builder. But when i add ‘bend’ in order to bend my object, how come ‘bend’ become child of my object? I thought it should works the same like volume builder (parent not child)?

  5. I just downloaded 3cd on my mac, and I’m like wait how do u click a sphere? Why is mine a cube….

  6. What about the textures? and the colors and stuff (sorry im realllllly new)

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