C4D Abstract Voronoi Effect – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

Today we'll be creating this Abstract Voronoi Effect in Cinema 4D. We'll use dynamics and the voronoi fracture in c4d to create the effect inspired by Roman Bratschis awesome artwork.

Software: Cinema 4D
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Today we’ll be creating this Abstract Voronoi Effect in Cinema 4D. We’ll use dynamics and the voronoi fracture in c4d to create the effect inspired by Roman Bratschis awesome artwork.

Check out his work here .

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  1. great tutorial – how does Roman Bratschi get the additional texture (wood) in his final work?

    1. You might be able to use the Mograph Selection Effector or do some clever masking in post. I was able to do something similar using the Instance Range node in Octane. You can get the final render project file off our Patreon page if you want to have a look at it;)

  2. en los siguientes tutoriales enseña tambien que texturas pones y que materiales, no digas lo tipico que lo tenemos para comprar en tu pagina, que ya aburre anda. no seas ratilla

    1. All the tutorial files are free mate, if you need more I put extra stuff up on our Patreon page for the guys who support us, the tiny bit of money this makes helps me take time off work to create this stuff for you, otherwise it’s just not possible to commit all this time, hope that makes sense;)

    2. @CG Shortcuts pero podrías explicar un poco al menos cual pones aún que no compartas la textura? Es que los que no tenemos dinero para seguir aprendiendo nos cuesta mucho esa parte del texturizado. Lo pone mucha gente en los comentarios de tus vídeos por lo que leo

    3. I’ll be putting some videos up soon about materials in octane as well as a huge octane materials course for those who want to learn more. The main reason I dont go over materials every time is that I dont have the time, I make these in my spare time when Im not working as a freelancer and often the setup is almost the same from tutorial to tutorial. Also I prefer to cover one topic per tutorial so when I do have a chance to cover materials I want to do it right. I’ll get to it soon

    4. @CG Shortcuts thankss broo! I’ll support you sharing your videos! Good luke with your personal projects!

  3. hello your tutorial is very nice and I mostly watch every tutorial I also watch in skillshare also. thanks for nice tutorial.
    I have one query can you please solve it. I want to apply different material in each voronoi fracture piece. some has wood material some has marble material and some has some other material so how to do this?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. At 8:21 after add rigid body, the cloner sphere falls but the Voronoi Fracture dots didn’t follow, anyone knows why?

  5. These tutorials are great for the concept, but I cant figure out how to properly do this with any other object than a sphere. I attempted this with the letter S extruded, and this method doesn’t translate even to that. The attractor pulls everything to one point. Any help? I can send a scene file.

  6. i know this video is a bit older but i just stumbled across this, followed your tutorial successfully but when im having a render review oder even want to final render the whole thing, it justs shows the little cloner spheres not the actual voronoi fracture effect. why and how do i render this animation?


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