C4D Decay Effect- Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

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Today we’ll be creating this Decay effect in Cinema 4D. We’ll use the new fields system in C4D r20 to create the venom style decaying effect.

You can download the free project file too and use it in your own motion graphics work. Let me know if you found it useful!

👉 Download Project File Here ➜ https://gum.co/zSXyL

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  1. 4:42 у меня нет строки use fields что делать где её найти ?

    C4D r19 studio.

    1. правда, это только в версии 20. Вы можете сделать этот эффект с шейдерами и анимированными картами текстур, хотя

  2. Thank you for these tutorials, I never thought I would be able to make stuff like this! I also just finished your Abstract Art Course! Amazing!

  3. So basically I am a complete noob at this, how (if at all possible) would you recommend adding this to a video of a person.

    1. You mean create the venom effect on a person? You’d need to build a digital double of your person, probably do some tracking, a load of comping and color correcting etc Might be a bit tricky if you’re only just getting started;) BTW we also have a fancy new website full of loads of CG Resources if you want to check it out https://www.cgshortcuts.com thanks for watching!

  4. do you mind sharing your octane file? I can’t get to render the displacement in octane :C

    1. Hey pablo, you can grab the Octane project from our Patreon page if you need it;)

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