C4D Infinite Looping Hands – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

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Today we’ll be creating Infinite Looping Hands in Cinema 4D – we’ll use the cloner to create the looping effect in C4D.

You can download the free project file too and use it in your own motion graphics work. Let me know if you found it useful!

– Dave Bergin

Shortcuts to Better Digital Art from a Freelance Digital Artist.

👉 Download Project File Here ➜ https://gum.co/fbOTo

👉 Get the Render Ready Octane Project here: https://bit.ly/2zDVO1s

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  1. I’m new to c4d and i am having trouble importing my image of an arm. I can import the image i want to use but it still comes with the rest of the page still showing even though i have roto scoped it out can you help me

    1. c4d is a 3d app, you’d be better off with a 3d arm (3d geometry) try downloading the project file

    2. I have downloaded the project file and have got the arm folder but I’m not sure what to do with if now.

    1. Step 1. Record Dave in front of a greenscreen and have him say ‘Hey it’s Dave from CG Shortcuts, today we’re going to do this’ (make sure he points in the direction of the transition).

      Step 2. Key him out and put in a cool mograph background.


  2. Can you make tutorials with Cinema4D and Vray Renderer?
    Octane Isn’t come cracked!

  3. that 3d art is from Cicada 3301, they made for a challenge and posted on youtube

  4. Ja sou seu fã.
    Parabéns, muito legal mesmo.
    Vou tentar fazer
    João Capelle
    Rio de janeiro – Brazil

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