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Learning Cinema 4D can be frustrating

It can be a long and winding road to learn C4D and get paid for your motion graphics work.

But you don’t have to do it alone…

That's where CG Shortcuts comes in

Here’s how we can help...

Straight-to-the-point C4D training

Hours of professional training delivered in the same straight-to-the point format you’ve come to expect from CG Shortcuts covering all the most important concepts and techniques in C4D.

Time saving project files and resources

Hundreds of full Cinema 4D scenes complete with models, materials, textures, lighting and render settings you can use royalty free in your own work – specifically designed to save you time and help you learn.

Community & support

Struggling with something in C4D? Through our exclusive Discord community, members can get their questions answered directly by Dave or other members in real time. Whatever the question we’ll try to help (or we’ll make a Q & A tutorial just for you).

Regular content based on your suggestions

Membership is alway fresh and up to date with new content added almost every week. Members can even request tutorials and assets or vote for what we cover next in our unique voting system.

How does it work?


Choose a membership

We believe learning should be for everyone, so we’ve made membership as simple and affordable as possible. Go Monthly or Yearly to access our premium content or try things out for free.


Get instant access

Upon joining you’ll get instant access to all training and resources included in your membership plan so you can get started straight away. You’ll aslo join our Discord Community where you can ask questions and get support on your own projects.


Become a better C4D artist

Our goal is to make every one of our members a better c4d artist – let us know what you need help with and if we havn’t allready covered it, we’ll create content to help you on your way. We add new stuff almost every week!

Meet Dave, your new Cinema 4D wingman

I know how frustrating it can be to learn Cinema 4D!

Starting out is hard – you have a million questions and no idea where to start. Without someone to guide you through, you can easily get lost. I’m here to answer all your c4d questions and help you learn faster!






Learn Cinema 4D with Dave Bergin









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What members are saying


Great membership!

Some great content and assets on here, it's great you can request stuff too! I dont think there's anything else out there like it!
Tammi Carlie
3D Designer (USA)

Massive time saver

As a freelancer it can be very time consuming to build everything from the ground up. The ever-growing library of assets in the CG Shortcuts Membership is a massive time saver!
Łukasz Czesław
Mograph Freelancer (Poland)

Yey! Subtitles!

I was already a CG Shortcuts Patron, but everything is better orgainized and easier to navigate here on the site. Plus there's Korean subtitles!
ji eun
Ji-eun 지은
3D Artist (South Korea)

Saved me big time!

Membership has saved my butt many times, I love that I can literaly ask any question and get it answered before my project deadline.
Alan Lang
3D Artist (New Zealand)

The best training

Dave is one of the best C4D teachers out there, he has a real ability to make complex topics easy to comprehend.
3d gal93
3D Artist (United Kingdom)

Super helpful!

CG Shortcuts helped me out massively when I started out. I’m now working full time in C4D but I come back all the time to brush up on my skills.
Jair Lúcio
Mograph Artist (Brazil)

Highly recommended!

Dave has answered SO MANY of my questions and even made tutorials to help me out. Can't thank him enough.
C4D Artist (Australia)

Worth it

Cant believe you can get access to all this for just 25 bucks! Makes a refreshing change to the usual overpriced courses out there.
mr wizard76
3D Artist (USA)


I learnt more in 2 months of membership than I did in the last 5 years. Join up, you wont regret it!
Ahmed Al-Maktoum
3D Artist (UAE)

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so cheap, what's the catch?

We believe learning should be affordable to all so we try to keep the prices as low as we possibly can. All proceeds go back into CG Shortcuts so we can pay for our software and hosting, and so we can keep on spreading the C4D love.

What do I get with Membership?

When you become a member you get instant access to Tutorials, Lessons, Courses, Series, Project Files, Discounts and Help and Support via our Discord Community. View the full list of what's included here.

How does support work?

As a member you can submit a support ticket for general Cinema 4D technical questions, help directly with your projects, showreel advice, and career advice.

Members usually get an answer within 24 hours however support priority depends on your membership level.

Members can also get help in the exclusive discord community included with membership.

Dave will actually help me with my project?

That's right, if you're a Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime meber we can troubleshoot your projects if you get stuck. Fair use applies, see Terms of Service.

What's the difference between Lifetime, Yearly and Monthly memberships?

There's a detailed comparison list here.

Which courses are included with membership?

Yearly and Lifetime

  • The Ultimate Octane Masterclass
  • The Ultimate Redshift Masterclass
  • Black Widow
  • Character Creation in Cinema 4D and Daz Studio
  • Cinema 4D – Ultimate Abstract Art
  • Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF
  • Cinema 4D – Daily Render Scifi Scene with Octane Render
  • Cinema 4D and Octane – GeoBoil Effect


  • Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF
  • Cinema 4D – Daily Render Scifi Scene with Octane Render
  • Cinema 4D and Octane – GeoBoil Effect

View the full list of what's included here.

What Software do I need?​

There are many tutorials included with membership, covering mainly Cinema 4D, Redshift and Octane. We also look at Daz Studio and a few small plugins. Cinema 4D is really the only software you need though - Redshift now comes free with the software (CPU version) so we recommend using Redshift Renderer (however most renderers are very similar these days so the concepts shown in either renderer will be applicable to the other.

You can get a free trial version of Cinema 4D and Redshift here.

What are your office hours?

7am – 3pm Sunday to Thursday AEST (UTC +10). We're based in Australia.

What is lifetime membership?

Lifetime membership gives you access to everything on our site, all courses, all tutorials, all downloads and support, as well as the ability to request content and vote for what topics we cover next. Unlike the Monthly or Yearly membership, lifetime is yours forever so you also get unlimited access to anything we add in the future (we upload new stuff pretty much every week).

How do I become a member?

  1. Add a membership to the cart.
  2. Create an account at checkout.
  3. Check your email for your invoice and set your new password.
  4. When you log in you will now have access to everything included in your membership
  5. You can manage your membership from the 'ACCOUNT' menu.

When will I be charged for renewal?

Monthly is charged Monthly from the date you joined.

Yearly is charged yearly from the date you joined.

Lifetime is charged only once and does not renew - you have access forever.

Do you offer refunds on membership?

It's super rare, but yes;) We do offer refunds on Yearly and Lifetime memberships only - full details on our refunds page.

What's the difference between this and Patreon Membership?

Membership here on our website is a more complete package because Patreon has several limitations. Here's the key advantages on each platform:

Membership here

  • Includes Full Courses (Yearly + Lifetime)
  • Includes Redshift Material Library
  • Includes more digital assets (Due to Patreon file size limits)
  • Is better organised into categories and sections
  • Better search options
  • Better video lesson viewer
  • Better quality subtitles (Directly from script)

Membership Patreon

  • More convenient if you already use Patreon
  • Videos can be viewed offline via Patreon App
Aside from that, both memberships include new content every week, the ability to vote for content, the private Discord Server and support.

What happens when my membership expires or is cancelled?

You will have access until the renewal date, if you have chosen to cancel prior to renewal you will not be charged, but you will lose access to all member benefits (courses, files etc).

NOTE: Lifetime Memberships are not charged a renewal.

I cant access the course I purchased

cgshortcuts.COM is now a membership site with content only accessible to members (to keep things nice and simple).

If you purchased any of our courses separately you can access them at our dedicated courses site CG Shortcuts Courses available here at cgshortcuts.NET. You can even still purchase standalone courses there as well - but most courses are now included with membership.

HURRY! Save $100 on Lifetime Membership - ends soon...

Lifetime Membership


(1 time discount)


EVERYTHING from Yearly Membership FOREVER.


Billed once only

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