C4D Pinwheel – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

Today we'll be creating a pinwheel in Cinema 4D. We'll use deformers and the Cloner in C4D.

Software: Cinema 4D
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Today we’ll be creating a pinwheel in Cinema 4D. We’ll use deformers and the Cloner in C4D.

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    1. Oh you want the lighting from my render? I do everything in Octane which I guess not everyone has so I dont usualy supply that, but you can get all the final project files on my Patreon page if you need them, otherwise you could give the lighting a crack yourself, would love to see what you come up with. Thanks for watching!

  1. Hi Dave! Thanks for your tutorials, they’re helping me a lot trying to figure out this new (to me) software. BTW I have probably a silly question: when you duplicate the .null to add the second color, how does it come automatically alternating? Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Cheers Ilaria, the cloner will automatically distribute what ever is inside it like that. If you duplicate again you’ll get the same one every 3 copies. BTW If you didn’t already know about it we now have a Facebook Group if you’d like to get involved http://www.facebook.com/groups/CGShortcuts. Thanks for watching!

    1. Cheers Winston! Glad you liked it. BTW we have an awesome new Facebook Group of artists now too if you’d like to get involved, you can ask questions, post your work, get free stuff and enter our CG challenges – there’s one on right now!  It’s Facebook.com/groups/cgshortcuts Thanks for watching!

    1. 没问题,谢谢观看! 我们还有一个花哨的新网站,如果你想看看它充满了大量的CG资源http://wordpress-564876-1820785.cloudwaysapps.com

  2. Anyone know how I could make the the finished pin wheel smaller? Maybe its really easy and I’m just slow but I cant figure it out.


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