C4D X Particles Trails – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

Today we'll be creating particle trails in Cinema 4D. We'll be using the X Particles Plugin for C4D. We're going for that fiber optic look!

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Today we’ll be creating particle trails in Cinema 4D. We’ll be using the X Particles Plugin for C4D. We’re going for that fiber optic look!

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  1. This is such a great tutorial! Have a question: can x-particles work on Cinema 4D R20 on MacOS? Because all the day i try to install it and nothing works (( Will be pleased for the answer

  2. hej … always great tutorials! … fast and clean! — thank u so much. i have x-particles 4 and the emitter looks different – i do not have the max. particles which u turned down to 200 anymore. do u know where i have to do that? … best, oliver

  3. I have the same Cinema 4D R19,but i don`t have any OctaneRender or X-
    Particles! Where do i get this? Importantly install it? How did you get this?

    1. they’re 3rd party plugins mate, you need to buy them if you want to use them;)

  4. What’s even more impressive than this video is you answering every single question in the comments. Well done sir. Well done!

    1. Haha, thanks mate, I try! There’s so many theses days though, I think I need an assistant to get through them all!

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