Cinema 4D Game Changing Hidden Feature Revealed

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Today we’ll be revealing a game changing new feature in Cinema 4D. We’ll create Motion Graphics with just one click in C4d with the amazing new A.I. Mode!

Happy April Fools! Yes this is NOT a real feature – if only it were! Just a little bit of fun on April Fools Day, I couldn’t resist;)

We’ve got another REAL tutorial as always this Friday.

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    1. I should realy take this one down now, but I’ll probably leave it up for April;)

  1. I am a 3ds max user from 15 years, exploring C4d and in the middle of the video, I actually opened C4d to follow your tut 😀

    1. Haha, welcome to the dark side Neel;) I started out as a Max man way back, I think you’ll find c4d way easier to use;)

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