Member Based Content

Membership is alway fresh and up to date with new content added almost every week. Members can even request tutorials and assets or vote for what we cover next in our unique voting system.

New content almost every week

While covering the most important concepts and techniques in Cinema 4D, we also design content around member feedback and suggestions.


Something you need help with and want us to cover? No problem, just make a request and we’ll try to cover it as soon as possible.

What content can you request?

Cinema 4D topics

Suggest a topic you’d like us to cover and we’ll create an easy to follow tutorial.

Technical Issues

Having Cinema 4D problems in your own projects? We can usually help you directly via chat or email, but we often create bespoke tutorials to help you solve your problem and share it with all members.


Seen a cool effect on social media or around the web? Share it with us and we’ll try to recreate it and break it down for you so you can create something similar in your own work.

Project files

Prebuilt project files can save you loads of time creating scenes and effects from scratch. Most of our tutorials come with time-saving project files but we also create bespoke scenes for members.


Through our unique voting and request system, members can suggest topics they’d like to see us cover and vote on subjects suggested by other users – the most voted for topic each month gets covered in the course – it’s that simple.

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