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Clouds Thumbnail

Looping Clouds

Today we'll be creating a looping cloud flythrough animation in Cinema 4D and Octane. We'll use volume builders in c4d to create the...
11:22 VIEWED
Particle Blob Thumbnail

Particle Advection Blob

Today we''ll be creating a Particle Advection blob with C4D and X-Particles. We will use xpExplosia to drive the particle advection i...
14:55 VIEWED
Object Stacks Thumbnail

Dynamic Stacked Objects in Cinema 4D and X-Particles

Today we'll be creating Dynamic Stacked Objects with C4D and X-Particles. We'll use the xpBullet Solver in X-Particles to create the...
Sewing Thumbnail

Sewing Stitches in Cinema 4D

Today we'll be creating this sewing or stitching effect in Cinema 4D. We'll use the cloner and a few effectors to create the looping...
11:38 VIEWED
Honey Thumbnail

Honey with Bubbles in Cinema 4D and X-Particles

Today we'll be creating dripping honey with bubbles in X-Particles and Cinema 4D. We'll create the honey with xpFluid dynamics in X-P...
flower bloom

Flower Bloom

Blooming Flower in Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer with simple Xpresso rig
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