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We add new content every week, here’s what we’ve completed and are working on next.

ACES workflow 2023RenderIn Progress
Add Automatic Bounce/spring to AnimationAnimationCompleteLINK
Caustics Patterns in RedshiftLight and CameraCompleteLINK
Easily Change Parametric Object AxisModeling and StagingCompleteLINK
Multiple Textures – One Shader (multishader)MaterialsCompleteLINK
Quixel Megascans WorkflowModeling and StagingCompleteLINK
Redshift Iridescent MaterialsMaterialsCompleteLINK
Stagger/sequence/offset KeysAnimationCompleteLINK
AOVS / Multipass WorkflowRenderQueued
Create Material VariationMaterialsQueued
Do I need to go to university?CareerQueued
How Much Should I Charge?CareerQueued
How to add mocap animation to your charactersAnimationQueued
How to Bake Mograph to KeyframesMographQueued
How to blend multiple mocap animationsAnimationQueued
How to Create Worn MaterialsMaterialsQueued
How to get Freelance WorkCareerRequested by Daniel
How to use TakesRenderQueued
The easiest way to rig any character (Mixamo)AnimationQueued
How can I speed up my renders (Redhift)?RenderQueued
How do I UV unwrap a model?MaterialsQueued
How do I use Rigid Body with Soft Body?SimulationQueued
How can I Render Jewelry?Lighting and CameraQueued
How do I create studio style lighting?Lighting and CameraQueued
How can I improve my showreel?CareerQueued
How much should I charge clients?CareerQueued
What Computer Should I Buy for Cinema 4D?CareerRequested by Ahmed
How to Align and Distribute ObjectsModeling and StagingRequested by Anna
Mograph Cloner - Deep DiveMographRequested by Anna
Redshift Photoreal Landscapes (snow, mountains etc)RenderRequested by Chris
Character Hair Workflow - From Groom to SimWorkflowRequested by Hau
C4D to After Effects - Rendering to Compositing WorkflowWorkflowRequested by Jazmin
Comping 3D into 2D - TrackingWorkflowRequested by Jon
Which is better, Octane or Redshift?CareerRequested by Jonas
Stickers, Decals, PNGsMaterialsRequested by Laura
How to Create Fire (Pyro)SimulationRequested by Melvin
How to Create Pyro SteamSimulationRequested by Julia
Make an Object ExplodeSimulationRequested by Laszlo
Amber MaterialMaterialsQueued
How to model a mesh (with holes)Modeling and StagingQueued
How to Loop DynamicsSimulationRequested by Mepuru
Redshift Hair RenderingRenderingRequested by Yoichiro
Redshift Volume RenderingRenderingRequested by Yoichiro
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