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Cinema 4D Pro.

The Cinema 4D Course Designed by YOU.

Cinema 4D Pro.

The Cinema 4D Course Designed by YOU.

Tried loads of tutorials but don’t feel like you’re improving? Having trouble finding answers to your current problems? Wish you could learn faster and start getting paid for your 3D work sooner?

Then Cinema 4D Pro is for you...

Learning on demand.

Cinema 4D Pro is designed to answer your most asked C4D questions and cover the most important aspects of the software – so you can get the information you need faster.

And best of all, we add new content every month – whether it be Lessons, Scene Files, Templates, Materials or 3D Models – you choose what comes next! Members are in full control and can actually request content. So if there’s something you’re struggling with at the moment, submit your query and we’ll try to cover it in the course or create assets that can help you get the job done.

C4D Pro also gives you access to our exclusive Pro Facebook Group, where you can chat directly to students and instructors, get help with your projects and vote on the content we cover next.

So what are you waiting for, join today and take control of your Cinema 4D journey.

Why Go Pro?

How Cinema 4D Pro is Different.

New Content Weekly.

To keep Cinema 4D Pro up to date with all the latest workflows, tools and techniques – we add new content every week – whether it be tutorials, project files, templates, materials or 3D models, we’re constantly adding to the course to make it bigger and better.

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You decide what we teach.

Aside from covering all the most important aspects of the software, our members actually decide what content we add next. You can request a video covering a specific topic (maybe something you’ve been struggling with for a while) and we’ll try to address your questions directly. As the requests come rolling in, members also have the opportunity to vote on topics and categories we cover so content is always geared toward what you actually want to learn.

Help with your projects now.

When you join you’ll also get access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share your projects, get feedback and chat to students and instructors directly. We’re there to help everyday, so if you’re struggling with something we’ve got your back.

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Built entirely from your suggestions…

Some questions we're answering...

How to Model Landscapes

How to Setup ACE's in Redshift

How to Create an Infinite Light Studio

How to Create Caustics in Redshift

How to Morph Objects in C4D


Some of our most popular lessons.

Light & Camera

Easy Silhouettes and Gobos
Learn how to create silhouettes with gobos/ cookies in Cinema 4D with Redshift. We’ll add textures to our lights and cast patterns into our scenes. We’ve also included a load of Window Shapes, Looping Animated Trees and Looping Tilable Water Caustics.


What Computer Do You Need for Cinema 4D?
What to keep in mind when looking for a new Cinema 4D workstation. In this lesson we break everything down into the main components and give you a few example builds to use as a guide so you can get the best bang for your buck when purchasing a new computer.

Light & Camera

Infinite Studio Lighting
Learn how to create infinite studio lighting for your product shots using redshift dome lights and a reflective material. Project file includes full setup and Apple Watch 8 model.


ACES Redshift Workflow
Learn the correct way to set up your ACES color space for rendering and compositing with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

And more...

Silhouettes and Gobos in Cinema 4D and Redshift
ACES Redshift Workflow
Loop Offset or Randomize Animated Clones
Triplanar Fix
Add Automatic Bounce / Spring to Animation in Cinema 4D
Unrolling Cloth Dynamically in Cinema 4D
Redshift Multishader
Cinema 4D Cloth Sim with Clones
Redshift Iridescent Materials

C4D Pro Workshops.

All lessons are organized into categories within Cinema 4D.

Career Pro

What software, hardware and equipment you need. How to get motion graphics work and how to make a killer showreel.

2 Lessons

Modeling & Staging Pro

Learn different modeling techniques and our top tips for world building and scene layout. Includes our Megascans process.

5 Lessons

Animation Pro

All things Animation, Rigging and Character related including tips for looping animation and other timeline functions.

5 Lessons

Mograph Pro

Covering the tools and techniques related to Cinema 4D’s mograph module – Effectors, Fields, Generators and Deformers.

3 Lessons

Materials Pro

Everything you need to know about creating great looking materials in Cinema 4D with Redshift including UVs.

6 Lessons

Simulation Pro

All things simulated including Soft and Rigid Body Dynamics, Cloth, Particles and the new Pyro system for fire and explosions.
8 Lessons

Light & Camera Pro

Redshift Camera and Lighting techniques to take your renders to the next level. We discuss everything from 

5 Lessons

Render Pro

Optimize your scenes for smarter and faster rendering in Redshift, learn about post processing and multi-pass rendering plus loads of compositing tricks.

4 Lessons

Creative Pro

Now that you’ve got the technical stuff down, it’s time to take your work to the next level. In Creative Pro we show you how to apply classic techniques to your digital art.

Workflow Pro

Handy tips and tricks to speed up your workflow and get through projects faster and more effectively.

Scripting Pro

Xpresso and Python scripts and how to use them.

38 Lessons.

6.7 Hours of Video.

But we're just getting started - new content every week.

Also includes our

Redshift Material Database

Pro Materials for C4D Pros.

Cinema 4D Pro includes a massive Redshift Material Database you can install within Cinema 4D. Feel free to use the materials in your own projects as the ultimate time saver – we use this exact set as well. As we create more materials we’ll add them to the database and students can also request materials.

4K Textures

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Easy yearly or lifetime memberships to help you learn mograph.

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CG Shortcuts Pro

Lifetime membership


Yours forever for the cost of a few days paid C4D work - which hopefully you'll get after becoming a member;)

Billed once only

Access to everything - forever!

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Monthly membership


Get access to everything minus the courses, Pro Monthly also includes Cinema 4D Pro with new content added weekly!

Billed monthly

Access to almost everything!

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*Selected courses only – see list of included courses above – Pro Monthly includes C4D Pro Course only (new content added weekly).

Beginner to Advanced

Multiple courses are included in membership ranging in complexity.


English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian captions.

English audio

All courses have English audio and subtitles in several popular languages.

Online support

Have questions? Live chat with us or post your question for all to see.

Frequently asked questions

What do I get with Membership?

When you become a Pro Member you get instant access to selected Courses, Project Files, 3D Models, Materials, Full Cinema 4D Scenes, Our Private Facebook Group (where you can get help with your projects and request and vote for content for Cinema 4D Pro) Discounts and Help and Support from our team.

Which courses are included with Membership?

Pro Lifetime and Yearly

  • Cinema 4D Pro
  • The Ultimate Octane Masterclass
  • Black Widow
  • Character Creation in Cinema 4D and Daz Studio
  • Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF
  • Cinema 4D – Daily Render Scifi Scene with Octane Render
  • Cinema 4D – Ultimate Abstract Art
  • Introduction to Redshift: The Basics
  • Introduction to Redshift Materials: Metals
  • Cinema 4D and Octane – GeoBoil Effect

Pro Monthly

  • Cinema 4D Pro

What's the difference between Pro Lifetime and Yearly vs Monthly?

Pro Lifetime and Yearly include all courses and digital assets we have to offer (check above for full list of courses - does not include collab courses or courses by third parties).

Pro Monthly gives you access to everything Pro Lifetime and Yearly offer but with only the one course included (Cinema 4D Pro - with new content added weekly) and does not include the Redshift Material Library.

What Software do I need?​

There are many courses included in Pro Membership covering mainly Cinema 4D, Redshift and Octane. We also look at Daz Studio and a few small plugins. Cinema 4D is really the only software you need though - Redshift now comes free with the software (CPU version) so we recommend using Redshift Renderer (however most renderers are very similar these days so the concepts shown in either renderer will be applicable to the other.

You can get a free trial version of Cinema 4D and Redshift here.

How do I become a member?

  1. Add a membership to the cart by clicking 'JOIN NOW'.
  2. Create an account at checkout.
  3. Check your email for your invoice and set your new password.
  4. When you log in you will now have access to courses and downloadable files.
  5. You can manage your membership from the 'ACCOUNT' menu.
NOTE: Tutorial Project Files will now be labelled as FREE.

Pro Members also have access to the Pro Dashboard (button top right of screen).

When will I be charged for renewal?

Pro Monthly is charged Monthly from the date you joined.

Pro Yearly is charged yearly from the date you joined.

Pro Lifetime is charged only once and does not renew - you have access forever.

Do you offer refunds on membership?

It's super rare, but yes;) We do offer refunds on Yearly and Lifetime Memberships only - full details on our refunds page.

Whats the difference between this and Patreon Membership?

Pro Membership here on our website is a more complete package because Patreon has several limitations. Here's the key advantages on each platform:

Pro Membership here only

  • Includes Full Courses (Yearly + Lifetime)
  • Includes Redshift Material Library
  • Includes more digital assets (Due to Patreon file size limits)
  • Is better organized into categories and sections
  • Better search options
  • Better video lesson viewer
  • Better quality subtitles (Directly from script)

Pro Membership Patreon

  • More convenient if you already use Patreon
  • Videos can be viewed offline via Patreon App
Aside from that, both memberships include Cinema 4D Pro which means new content is available every week, the ability to vote for content and the private group and support.

What happens when my membership expires or is cancelled?

You will have access until the renewal date, if you have chosen to cancel prior to renewal you will not be charged, but you will lose access to all member benefits (courses, files etc).

NOTE: Pro Lifetime Memberships are not charged a renewal.

Your Cinema 4D
secret weapon.

Lift your C4D game and get paid for your work sooner.

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