Houdini Jumpstart


Houdini Jumpstart

Houdini made simple…

About the Course.

We are proud to present you this complete video training with Houdini. This training is aimed towards motion designers and those who want to discover the fundamentals of Houdini.

This software from SideFX has established itself in recent years, thanks to the power of its procedural system and the precision of the results obtained during simulations.

Formerly mainly used in VFXs, it increasingly approaches production in the world of video games and recently Motion Design.

However, it remains difficult to approach and learning resources are still a few…

This is why we offer you a complete Jumpstart training explaining one by one various concepts essential to understand the software without disgusting or falling into a dead end linked to learning without method.

What we cover in the course...

Part 1
Houdini Concepts
In this introduction to Houdini we cover everything from Navigation, Scene Setup, Procedural Modeling, VOPS, Volumes, MOPS and even Rendering with Redshift in Houdini.
Part 1
Part 2
Houdini Workshops
Now we'll put what we've learnt into practice over a series of project based workshops.
Part 2

What you get when you sign up.

19 Video Lessons ​+ 22 Workshops

12 hours of video - Everything you need to get up and running with Houdini.

Downloadable Assets

Every course features a range of high quality downloadable resources to help you through the learning process.

Full HD Video​

No low quality videos here! All of our video lessons are full HD so you can follow along in style. Our dynamic media player ensures the optimal video experience.​

Multilingual Subtitles​

All courses can be viewed with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Japanese subtitles! The audio is in English.

Full Learning Support​

Got questions? Ask your instructor directly and get help fast. Each lesson has a nifty help feature so you can ask questions and engage with the instructor and other students.​

Unlimited Access​

Access your courses anywhere via desktop, laptop or mobile. Unlimited access means once you've enrolled you can access your course forever!​

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Houdini Jumpstart.

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We’re pretty confident you’ll learn some great new skills, so all of our courses come with a 14 Day money back guarantee. Happy Days! See our refunds policy for details.

Maxime Hacquard

Your Instructor - Mograph Artist

A French digital artist from Paris. Mhsprod Director and Admin of the Motion Designers Community.

Enzo Crema is a french digital artist specialized into procedural design and Houdini.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have designed this training 100% online for those who already have experience in 3D, coming from Blender, C4D, Maya or others, and who want to train effectively.

Motion Designer or simply curious, you will obtain the necessary knowledge for understanding Houdini to continue to evolve (Vex, for loops, Metadatas, Solvers, PDG and so many other possibilities that will no longer be obscure to you).

We are also aware that Houdini has a high value in the job market. We would like to remind people that learning is a path and not a destination. We suggest following this tutorial to continue to train yourself, consult the documentation and practice as much as possible.

This tutorial is intended for people initiated into the basics of 3D.

The training was recorded with version 18 of Houdini.

Also, this video course intended to be intended for pros and non-pros who want to train effectively, plugins (Free) and GPU renderers will be shown. However, this is only a small part.

Plugins (Free) and GPU renderers including Redshift will be shown. However, this is only a small part.

This Houdini training of 12 hours of content is divided into 2 main parts:

The discovery of Houdini and its concepts (see the table of contents for details).
13 creative workshops to put your knowledge into practice.

Plus 9 Downloadable Project Files.

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