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Today we’ll be talking about our YouTube Channel!

“Hey it’s Dave from CG Shortcuts!” I’m a Freelance CG and Motion Graphics artist based in London.

I set up CG Shortcuts as a way to share my knowledge and experience of working in the industry for over 10 years!

I guess there’s a lot of tutorials online these days, but my approach is a bit different: I make tutorials the way I want them to be as a freelance artist – quick and to the point!

We work in a very competitive industry and time is always of the essence. So the goal is to get you where you need to be in your career as fast as possible, hence the shortcuts!

Hopefully I can help you through all the boring technical stuff so you can concentrate on what really matters… lens flares!…(kidding)… the creative stuff!

I also see CG Shortcuts as a way to promote and share artwork, I’d love to see what you guys create with the skills you learn in the tutorials!

Let’s make better digital art!

– Dave

Shortcuts to Better Digital Art from a Freelance Digital Artist.

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Ask me a Question or let me know what you want to see next in the comments section below!

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    1. Hi mate, did you want a tutorial on how to make a particular part of this video?

  1. Hi Dave. There is a little mistake with your polygons at 0:39 – i think you know immediately what it is. I got those polygon-fails in modeling sometimes and want to know how to get rid of them? You know what i’m talking about?

    1. Hey Robert, are you talking about the ‘E’s’? I noticed that but was in a bit of a hurry to get it up so I let it slide;) Was hoping no one would notice. Adding more geometry and using the regular grid would fix that but slow down render time. I’m working on so many things at once so sometimes sacrifices must be made;) Be great to see you round our Facebook group if you haven’t joined already, thanks for watching!

    2. I see what you mean, I get similar ‘kinks’ when using an Illustrator object as an extruded spline. I’m completely new to C4D so have no idea how to sort it correctly.

    3. @Gavin Rampling I believe its about modeling a good enough subdivided object and its all about to less points. changing the polygons or subdivide them more can sometimes solve the problem. Try to bevel edges if you get those kinks there.

  2. ^^ i love this channel !
    And I wanna know about you make a bell simulation on scene Subscibe
    Thx Q ^^

    1. Great to hear mate! a few people have asked about the bell so I’ve got it on the list of tutorials to do, hopefuly soon! BTW If you didn’t already know about it we now have a Facebook Group if you’d like to get involved http://www.facebook.com/groups/CGShortcuts. Thanks for watching!

    1. Cheers Ed! Glad you’re liking the channel mate! We have an awesome new Facebook Group of artists now too if you’d like to get involved, you can ask questions, post your work, get free stuff and enter our CG challenges – there’s one on right now!  It’s Facebook.com/groups/cgshortcuts Thanks for watching!

  3. Hello Dave, hope you’re doing well.I have a bit of a problem with baking both the ‘Conveyor’ and ‘Conveyor Dynamics.’ I’ve selected them both, added the mograph cache, but when i try to bake….nothing happens. Help would be greatly appreciated. I use Cinema 4D R19 and Octane Render 3.0.7

    1. Hi Frederick, very well thanks bud! if this is related to the course, would you be able to ask your question from the course platform (skillshare or Udemy) and I can get straight back to you. you can also DM me via our Facebook Group;)

    1. Thanks mate, glad you appreciate my comedy stylings;) BTW we also have a fancy new website full of loads of CG Resources if you want to check it out https://www.cgshortcuts.com thanks for watching!

  4. I just want to thank you for sharing all this creative knowledge you have. your way of demonstrating is really fascinating. its Calm, Easy, Simple, and Straight to the point.

    Big fan!

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