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Houdini Abstract Swirl Effect

Houdini Abstract Cloth Effect

Today we’ll be creating an abstract cloth effect in Houdini. We’ll use the Vellum Soft Body Solver to create the effect in Houdini.

Houdini Resources

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Houdini Abstract Effect

Today we’ll be creating an abstract effect in Houdini with our guest instructor Nelson Noa.

We cover how to swirl vellum fluid grains with different layers of viscosity in Houdini, as well as merging different vellum networks into one to achieve interaction between all vellum geometry.

See more from Nelson here on his Instagram page

Halloween Spider Animation in Houdini + Cinema 4D

Today we’ll be creating a bouncy Halloween Spider animation in Houdini and Cinema 4D. We’ll create the dynamics in Houdini before exporting to Cinema 4D where we’ll create the googley eyes and add the finishing touches.

Houdini Sticky Spiderweb

Today we’ll be creating a sticky spiderweb in Houdini. We’ll use DOPS and the Vellum Solver to have 3D models fall into the web and stick to it.

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