The Ultimate Octane Masterclass

The worlds most comprehensive training for Octane Render in Cinema 4D.

Dave · December 24, 2020

The first step toward professional rendering is choosing the right renderer. We’ve been using Octane Renderer® in production for several years now and highly recommend it if you want to lift your rendering game. However, there has been a lack of training available for Octane … until now.

Total Length: 13.6 Hours

This course includes the following downloadable files:
Octane Materials Masterclass - Resources (66.6 KB)
Octane Lighting and Rendering Masterclass - Lighting Projects (3.3 MB)
Octane Masterclass - Lighting Templates (104 MB)
Octane Masterclass - Project Files (60 MB)
Octane Materials Masterclass - Material Projects (22.6 MB)
Octane Materials Masterclass - Material Library (1.6 GB)
Octane Materials Masterclass - Test Scene (3 MB)

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Shader Nodes
Material Projects
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