Render Jewelry in C4D – Diamond Ring on Black

How to render a diamond ring on black in C4D with Redshift – includes project file.

Feel free to use the project file and materials in your own projects royalty free!

If you make something cool with this technique, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section down below or via the contact page (you can also tag us on social and we might even feature your work!).


Fully animated and includes all models textures, materials, lighting, and Redshift Renderer settings (using an ACES workflow).

This tutorial was requested by Vivek (one of our awesome Members). We’ll be adding more jewelry related content soon, let us know if there’s a look you’re trying to achieve with your jewelry renders.


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Diamond Ring on Dark Background Redshift Project File

(3.5 MB)


Comments or Questions


  1. How can I tell the diamond material not to reflect the metal material which disturbs the refraction of light in the stones? does this possibility exist?Grazie 🙂

    1. Hey Jay, the materials are Redshift materials, they will only show if you have Redshift active. Also I always do a bit of post in After Effects or Davinci Resolve to poslish the render up a bit, will usually be a little duller directly out of the renderer.