How to create and animate a Rubik’s Cube in Cinema 4D using a setting you’ve probably never used before!
It seems like it would be really easy to do, but it’s a bit tricky..

First we tried using mograph effectors, but that didn’t work.
Then we got it kinda working with some over complex Parent Constraints, but that just wasn’t practical.

But then we stumbled onto a setting we’d never used before which was the key to the effect!

This tutorial was requested by Shruti (one of our awesome Members) who needed to create a Rubiks Cube for an infographics project she was working on in Cinema 4D.

We built the tutorial and project file for her to use, and she was thankfully able to get the job out on time!


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Rubiks Cube - Free C4D Project File

(132 KB)


Rubiks Cube - C4D and Redshift Project Files

(11 MB)


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