The Ultimate Octane Masterclass


Ultimate Octane Masterclass

The worlds most comprehensive and to the point training on Octane Renderer!

Octane. Unlimited.

Unleash the power of Octane.

The first step toward professional rendering is chosing the right renderer. We’ve been using Octane Renderer® in production for several years now and highly recommend it if you want to lift your rendering game. However there has been a lack of training available for Octane … until now.

This course includes both The Octane Materials Masterclass and The Octane Lighting and Rendering Masterclass. You can also purchase these seperatly. Details here.

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Here’s what we cover in the course...

01. Materials

Beautiful photorealistic materials.

We’ll start by covering each of the Material Types in Octane incl. Diffuse, Glossy, Specular, Metallic, Universal, Toon, Mix, Blend & Portal Materials.

02. Shader nodes

Get to know your shader nodes.

We’ll cover every Octane node to create your shaders and materials. We’ll see examples of what each node does and how to use them in your workflow.

03. Material Projects

Prodedural shaders step-by-step.

We’ll build materials together and share loads of tips on how to get great looking shaders and physically accurate results. All Project Files are included.

Some of the material projects we'll create...

04. Lights

Let there be light.

Often overlooked is the importance of lighting. We take a look at each and every option available to us in Octane. Time to start lighting like a boss!

05. Camera

Grab your camera and let's get cinematic.

There’s a lot more to it than just slapping in a camera. Let’s go through the all the different camera modes and effects so you can become a true CG Cinematographer.

06. Rendering

Time to output your next masterpiece.

Let’s get your work of art out there! We dive deep into the Octane render settings and let you in on some speed and quality tips and tricks.

07. Lighting & Rendering Projects

Light & render it.

Let’s light and render some epic projects! Step-by-step guidence in creating profesionaly lit and rendered scenes in Octane. Plus we’re adding more all the time…

BONUS 01. Material Library

Materials at your fingertips.

The course includes a plug-and-play Octane Materials library with 100 prebuilt materials. We’re also adding new materials all the time!

BONUS 02. Lighting & Rendering Templates

A headstart for your projects.

The course also includes several prebuilt lighting and rendering template project files you can use as a starting point for your own work. We’re also adding new scenes all the time!

Even more to come.

This training will be updated with every new release of the octane plugin, so this will be the only course you’ll ever need on the subject.

And we're taking requests.

If there’s a particular look you’re trying to create, students can request a material and we’ll try to get a tutorial and shader up for you.

Easy navigation of course.

Easily navigate through the course content with our course dashboard and ask questions directly under the videos if you need help. Watch videos in any order and we’ll mark the videos you’ve allready watched so you can remember for next time.

Meet your fellow students...

This couse automatically gives you access to the exclusive student group where you can chat directly with other students and the Instructor – as well as join discussions and share you creations for feedback.

Here’s what you get in the course...

Over 100 Video Lessons​

This is the most comprehensive Octane Materials Training available – we cover everything!​

NOTE: The videos are streaming digital not VHS;)

Downloadable Assets

This course features a range of high quality downloadable resources to help you through the learning process.

Full Learning Support​

Got questions? Ask your instructor directly and get help fast. Each lesson has a nifty help feature so you can ask questions and engage with the instructor and other students.​

Unlimited Access

Access your courses anywhere via desktop, laptop or mobile. Unlimited access means once you’ve enrolled you can access your course forever!​

Full HD Video

No low quality videos here! All of our video lessons are full HD so you can follow along in style. Our dynamic media player ensures the optimal video experience.​

Multilingual Subtitles​

All courses can be viewed with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese or Korean subtitles – Japanese coming soon! The audio is in English.









A fantastic course all around.

Tanner Notch
- Film Editor (Germany)

Loved this course.

Cavey Davey
- 3D Designer (United Kingdom)

Great training!

Yoann Jegoux
- International Marketer (France)

The Octane Masterclass is available in 3 different flavours. Materials only, Lighting and Texturing only, or EVERYTHING…


  • Lifetime access​
  • Immediate Start
  • All Octane Material Types
  • All Octane Shader Nodes
  • Material Creation Projects
  • Bonus Octane Material Library
  • Over 6 hrs of on-demand videos
  • More than 70 Lessons
  • Private Student Group
  • Subtitles in 9 Languages
  • Continuous Updates
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile
  • Online Support & Discussion
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • EVERYTHING from both courses
  • Lifetime access​
  • Immediate Start
  • All Octane Material Types
  • All Octane Shader Nodes
  • All Octane Lights
  • All Octane Cameras
  • All Octane Render Settings
  • Material Creation Projects
  • Lighting & Rendering Projects
  • Bonus Octane Render Templates
  • Bonus Octane Material Library
  • Over 10 hrs of on-demand videos
  • More than 100 Lessons
  • Private Student Group
  • Subtitles in 9 Languages
  • Continuous Updates
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile
  • Online Support & Discussion
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Lifetime access​
  • Immediate Start
  • All Octane Lights
  • All Octane Cameras
  • All Octane Render Settings
  • Lighting & Rendering Projects
  • Bonus Octane Render Templates
  • Over 5 hrs of on-demand videos
  • More than 35 Lessons
  • Private Student Group
  • Subtitles in 9 Languages
  • Continuous Updates
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile
  • Online Support & Discussion
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

We’re pretty confident you’ll learn some great new skills, so all of our courses come with a 14 Day money back guarantee. Happy Days! See our refunds policy for details.

What past students have to say about this course...

Frequently Asked Questions.

This course is designed to be the definitive resource for learning Octane Renderer in Cinema 4D. We cover every aspect of the software you need to know about. By the end of this course you’ll have a thourough understanding of the entire software and you’ll be able to create your own professional renders in Octane.

Lifetime access to the course videos (More than 10 hours over 100 videos and growing), several C4D Project Files, 1 x Octane Material Library (currently  100 materials), Exclusive support, continuous updates and new content added regularly.

A basic level of Cinema 4D and Octane Render should be fine for this course.

You need Maxon Cinema 4D (many of the techniques are achievable in older versions but Version 20 and above is recommended).
You also need the OctaneRender Plugin for Cinema 4D (Version 2018 and above is recommended but the concepts in this course apply to all versions).

You need the Octane Render Plugin for Cinema 4D from the Otoy website. It’s available to rent or buy and is quite affordable. The concepts in this course apply to all versions but Version 2018 and above is recommended.

The promo video was created with materials from the course to demonstrate what is possible when you have a good understanding of material creation.
We do not cover creating the promo video itself but the concepts you need to understand to create professional looking materials. This is not an animation course but you can check out our other courses and free tutorials to learn more about mograph animation.

Our Ultimate Octane Masterclass includes The Octane Materials Masterclass AND the Octane Lighting and Rendering Masterclass (and some soon to be released extra exlusive content) and is our complete training on everything you need to know about Octane.

The Materials Masterclass is focused on Material creation in Octane. The Lighting and Rendering Masterclass is focused on Lighting, Camera and Rendering in Octane. The Ultimate Octane course covers everything.

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