Cinema 4D + Redshift Christmas Product Shot Project File.

A rigid body animation for use as a Christmas Sales Promo.

Replace the Amazon Echo with any other object or Text for a custom Christmas message in your own projects.

Fully animated and includes all models textures, materials, lighting and Redshift Renderer settings (using an ACES workflow).

Also includes FLAKES material – perfect for any Christmas render.


This Project File was requested by Ricardo (one of our awesome Members).

The effect was based on original artwork by Already Been Chewed – see more of their work here.


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Christmas Product Shot C4D and Redshift File

(81 MB)


Christmas Product
Christmas Product
Christmas Product

Here’s how to customize the project:

Start by clearing the cache on the clones.

Then under the Rigid Body Dynamics Tag, clear the Init State. Disable the rigid body tag on your hero object (we used an Amazon Echo but you can use any object you like or a logo, text etc)

If you want to replace the clones do so at this point (we use Xmas baubles but you can use anything you like, just make the objects children of the Cloner).

Now sim the clones until they fall down into place and settle. Hit Init State so the clones stay in this position and will start from here when you rewind the sim.

Then bring in your hero object, animate it how you wish (We just had the Amazon device push upward, you can parent to our object or copy the animation track, or just animate your own object however you like).

Make your hero object dynamic again by enabling the tag (or copy the tag from our object to yours) and you should now have a custom animation.

Comments or Questions


    1. Hi there, this project uses the new dynamics engine in Cinema 4D 2024, you’ll need to update C4D to use it. There are no third-party plugins used.