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  1. The new updated symmetry tool doesnt allow to “clamp points to axis” and now when trying to smooth the pouch in the center of the spider the planes will separate opening a hole in the middle line of the spider. What can I do so that c4d treats this mirrored pouch as a complete object and let me smooth it.

    1. Hey Rolando, I spoke to Maxon about this and they said the sculpting tools are designed to work on a single mesh and not with the symmetry tool. So our little trick with the old symmetry tool wont work anymore which is a shame. Maxon bought ZBrush so I’m guessing they wont be developing the sculpting tools inside C4D any time soon. If you have Maxon One you could just send the mesh to ZBrush and use the symmetry tools in there (sculpting is much better in ZBrush anyway as I’m sure you know).