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While Cinema 4D is by far the most user friendly 3D software out there, it can be difficult to learn without the right course of action.

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Trailer: Character Creation in Cinema 4D and Daz Studio

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10 of our best selling Cinema 4D courses.

Cinema 4D Pro

Cinema 4D Pro

The ultimate C4D course built entirely on your suggestions. We add new content every week (including videos, downloadable files and more) and take requests from members so the course is completely tailored to your needs.

with membership only

The Ultimate Octane Masterclass

The definitive resource for all Octane artists.  Octane Material Types, Nodes, Lights, Cameras and Render Settings and everything else you need to know when it comes to Octane.


Character Creation in Cinema 4D and Daz Studio

Create stunning characters quickly in Daz Studio and incorporate them seamlessly into your Cinema 4D projects.


Black Widow

Create the Black Widow – Model, Sculpt, UV, Texture, Rig and Animate a Spider in Cinema 4D.


Intro to Redshift: The Basics

An introduction to the wonderful world of Redshift Rendering.


Introduction to Redshift Materials: Metals

Everything you need to know to get started with Redshift renderer.


Ultimate Abstract Art

Everything you need to know to create abstract art in Cinema 4D.


Daily Render Scifi Scene with Octane Render

Everything you need to know to create a full scene Cinema 4D.


Cinema 4D – Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF

Everything you need to know to create a looping 3D animation in Cinema 4D.


Geoboil Effect

Everything you need to know to create a geoboil effect in Cinema 4D.



Cinema 4D Pro.

The ever-growing Cinema 4D course designed entirely by you.

In Cinema 4D Pro we answer all of your most pressing C4D questions concentrating on the tips and techniques you can use to improve your work faster.

Included Cinema 4D Pro workshops:

(New content added every week)

Career Pro

What software, hardware and equipment you need. How to get motion graphics work and how to make a killer showreel.

Modeling & Staging Pro

Learn different modeling techniques and our top tips for world building and scene layout. Includes our Megascans process.

Animation Pro

All things Animation, Rigging and Character related including tips for looping animation and other timeline functions.

Mograph Pro

Covering the tools and techniques related to Cinema 4D’s mograph module – Effectors, Fields, Generators and Deformers.

Materials Pro (Redshift)

Everything you need to know about creating great looking materials in Cinema 4D with Redshift including UVs.

Simulation Pro
All things simulated including Soft and Rigid Body Dynamics, Cloth, Particles and the new Pyro system for fire and explosions.
Light & Camera Pro (Redshift)

Redshift Camera and Lighting techniques to take your renders to the next level. We discuss everything from 

Render Pro (Redshift)

Optimize your scenes for smarter and faster rendering in Redshift, learn about post processing and multi-pass rendering plus loads of compositing tricks.

Creative Pro

Now that you’ve got the technical stuff down, it’s time to take your work to the next level. In Creative Pro we show you how to apply classic techniques to your digital art.

Workflow Pro

Handy tips and tricks to speed up your workflow and get through projects faster and more effectively.

Scripting Pro

Xpresso and Python scripts and how to use them.


More coming soon…


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Your instructor

Dave Bergin

Hey it's Dave from CG Shortcuts! I'm a motion graphics artist now based in sunny Australia.

I've been working in the industry for 15 years, most of which was spent at various studios in London UK (I was lucky enough to do loads of travel as well!).

I've worked for brands like Disney, Fox, Porsche, American Express and more, mainly for UK, US and European clients.

I'm now freelancing and teaching right here at CG!







Frequently asked questions

What do I get with Membership?

When you become a Pro Member you get instant access to Courses, Project Files, 3D Models, Materials, Full Cinema 4D Scenes, Our Private Facebook Group (where you can get help with your projects and request and vote for content for Cinema 4D Pro) Discounts and Help and Support from our team.

Which courses are included with Pro?

  • Cinema 4D Pro
  • The Ultimate Octane Masterclass
  • Black Widow
  • Character Creation in Cinema 4D and Daz Studio
  • Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF
  • Cinema 4D – Daily Render Scifi Scene with Octane Render
  • Cinema 4D – Ultimate Abstract Art
  • Introduction to Redshift: The Basics
  • Introduction to Redshift Materials: Metals
  • Cinema 4D and Octane – GeoBoil Effect

What's the difference between Pro and Insider?

Insider does not include any courses or Pro assets - Insider only gives you access to Tutorial Project Files, Selected Models and Materials (this access is still unlimited and a much better option than purchasing things separately).

Pro Membership gives you access to everything in Insider plus Courses and Pro Downloadable assets - this is our most comprehensive membership and offers great value and savings.

Pro also includes the Cinema 4D Pro Course with new content added weekly and access to the CGShortcuts Pro Private Group.

What Software do I need?​

There are many courses included in Pro Membership covering mainly Cinema 4D, Redshift and Octane. We also look at Daz Studio and a few small plugins. Cinema 4D is really the only software you need though - Redshift now comes free with the software (CPU version) so we recommend using Redshift Renderer (however most renderers are very similar these days so the concepts shown in either renderer will be applicable to the other.

You can get a free trial version of Cinema 4D and Redshift here.

How do I become a member?

  1. Add a membership to the cart by clicking 'JOIN NOW'.
  2. Create an account at checkout.
  3. Check your email for your invoice and set your new password.
  4. When you log in you will now have access to courses and downloadable files.
  5. You can manage your membership from the 'ACCOUNT' menu.
NOTE: Tutorial Project Files will now be labelled as FREE.

Pro Members also have access to the Pro Dashboard (button top right of screen).

When will I be charged for renewal?

Insider Membership is charged Monthly from the date you joined.

Pro Yearly is charged yearly from the date you joined.

Pro Lifetime is charged only once and does not renew - you have access forever.

Do you offer refunds on membership?

It's super rare, but yes;) We do offer refunds on Yearly and Lifetime Memberships - full details on our refunds page.

What happens when my membership expires or is cancelled?

You will have access until the renewal date, if you have chosen to cancel prior to renewal you will not be charged, but you will lose access to all member benefits (courses, files etc).

NOTE: Pro Lifetime Memberships are not charged a renewal.

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Great value
This subscription has really helped me learn Cinema 4D. No one teaches like Dave!

Nima Abu

I got my first paid gig after taking a few CG Shortcuts classes.
Their project files help me speed up my workflow too - happy clients!

Jeff Emerson

I love how we can request videos!
This membership has been very helpful, the guys answered all of my questions!

Hadiya Fairuza

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